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If you currently take your pet to the groomer, you know just how wonderful it is when your pet comes back looking and smelling his or her best. With a clean coat and excellent grooming, your pet is a pleasure to have in the house, in your lap, or on the bed. However, as we all know, pets do need a good groomer to maintain their healthy, happy, clean looks—which is why Tannis’s Curbside Kutz offers its mobile pet grooming services in Bismarck, ND!

Many people ask me, “Why switch to mobile pet grooming?” The answer is simple: comfort and convenience. Mobile grooming benefits both you and your pet in many ways. To begin with, your pet’s comfort level increases when your pet is in his or her own environment. Although the truck itself might be a new environment, your pet can see and smell its owner’s house right from the truck and, therefore, feels much less stress. It is more comfortable for the owner too because messy car rides to the groomer are no longer a hassle!

In terms of convenience, what could be more convenient than having your pet groomed while you take care of tasks at home? Whether you have dishes to wash, a good TV program to catch up on, or the newspaper to read, think of just how nice it would be to take back a few hours of your week by switching to mobile pet grooming! Would you like even more convenience? I am happy to come by while you are at work—just like a home cleaning service.

I have a mobile pet grooming center equipped with heating for even the coldest of Bismarck, ND winters, so trust in Tannis’s Curbside Kutz for your mobile pet grooming needs! Schedule your first appointment today!