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Tannis’s Curbside Kutz is a mobile pet grooming business operating out of Bismarck, ND. It is owned by me, Tannis, an experienced pet groomer with more than four years of experience in dog grooming. I love bringing the comfort and convenience of mobile dog grooming to people and their pets. I offer full basic grooming packages as well as anal gland expression for dogs. For cats, I offer nail clipping only. Over the years, my small, independent business has grown to include an ever-expanding base of loyal clients. Tannis’s Curbside Kutz has even becoming the #1 mobile pet grooming service in Bismarck, ND! My commitment is to provide quality care and convenience and to pay loving attention to pets of all shapes and sizes (though at the moment, my vehicle is not equipped for extra-large breeds—my apologies). My mobile pet grooming unit has been customized and designed with air conditioning, heat, water, and electricity. I do not rely on external water sources or electrical hookups. The spacious interior is comfortable enough for pets to feel at ease and to allow me to do my job quickly and efficiently, which gets your pet back to you sooner. As a trained groomer, I enjoy pampering your pet with one-on-one attention—right in the comfort of his own driveway or curbside! Book your first session today!