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Mobile Pet Grooming | Tannis' s Curbside Kutz | Bismarck, ND | (701) 321-0597
If you currently take your pet to the groomer, you know just how wonderful it is when your pet comes back looking and smelling his or her best. With a...
Mobile Dog Grooming | Tannis' s Curbside Kutz | Bismarck, ND | (701) 321-0597
For the top mobile dog grooming service in Bismarck, ND, choose Tannis’s Curbside Kutz! My mobile service comes fully equipped with all the right...
Dog Grooming | Tannis' s Curbside Kutz | Bismarck, ND | (701) 321-0597
My name is Tannis, owner and operator of Tannis’s Curbside Kutz, and I am proud to provide Bismarck, ND with the very finest in dog grooming services...

Spare yourself and your pet the horror of cutting nails—trust the Tannis’s Curbside Kutz professional touch!

Welcome to Tannis' s Curbside Kutz

Are you tired of taking your dog to the groomer? Why not choose a groomer who comes to you? That is exactly what my mobile pet grooming business, Tannis’s Curbside Kutz, offers in Bismarck, ND. I offer mobile dog grooming and mobile pet grooming, and my services include bathing, hair cutting, nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression for dogs. I also offer nail clipping for cats.

Pricing for a basic grooming package depends on the services rendered and on the size of the dog. The varieties and breeds that I groom range from small dogs with smooth coats to large dogs with rough or thick coats—and everything in between. I am, unfortunately, unable to accommodate extra-large breeds because there simply is not sufficient room in my mobile vehicle!

With four years of experience as a dog and pet groomer, I have the necessary know-how to make the experience comfortable for both you and your pet or pets. I have a Grooming Certificate from the College of Animal Behavior, so I am able to predict your dog’s next move! The experience of dog grooming at home is so much more relaxing for both you and your dog that my job is made even easier. I love dogs and love helping them and their owners feel relaxed and happy.

All mobile dog grooming appointments may be scheduled as a single session or as recurring sessions. I would recommend booking an appointment approximately once every eight weeks in order to maintain your dog’s grooming. I am also happy to come by for refresher baths in-between, just to keep your pet smelling fresh and looking his or her best!

When you need mobile dog grooming in Bismarck, ND, call Tannis’s Curbside Kutz. Simply drop me a line and book your first mobile pet grooming session today!